If there was just one style of lure for Trout spinning, it would be a lot easier for us all “the anglers” to shop for. In the UK especially, we seem to have a huge selection of lures in many different styles that spin, wobble, sink, float and even hum through the water. Additionally, there are soft lures that you can thread onto micro jig heads or drop shot setups which are so realistic when the little tails wiggle through the current that they ‘almost’ never fail.

So, in order to answer the question at the top of this page, “What are the Best Lures for Trout?” we can simply tell you what we keep in stock. Naturally, our stock is dictated by the most popular and best-selling lures, we wouldn’t stock any products that are useless. Here are our suggestions for you.



There are 3 weights of this lure available, the 3g and 7g versions are most popular with the trout anglers. With so much flash and vibration in the water and a lure that spins almost immediately as you start moving it, what is not to like? The red bead in the butt, is a great final attractor for a trout that is investigating this lure spinning through the water. The hooks are very good quality and appropriately sized for the lures. This lure swims back-heavy, or nose up is probably a better way to describe it.

We would recommend varying the speed at which you retrieve these spinners. Slow and smooth, or jerk bait style fishing these are sure to attract some attention.


Designed to spin in a narrower profile than most other Mepp-like patterns of lure, the Comet’s orange dots look like scales when in motion and are a furiously aggressive colour that will tempt any predatory instinct from a trout. Ranging in weight from 2g through to 15g over 5 sizes, there is a size for every scenario. Again, they come with a super strong plain treble hook. Not as heavy on the rear when swimming so they seem to move more on a level plane but not completely flat.

We like to fish these med-fast and in shallower water to really make best use of the low profile spinning of the blade. Be careful not to stop retrieving though, these will sink into the rocks and snag.


Out of the 3 colours and 4 weights available, the most popular Droppen is the “S” in 4 gram. Designed specifically for intimate waters, with little room for splashing and heavy outfits. Match this with a short, flexible and lightweight spinning rod with a casting weight range inclusive of 4g and you have a fantastic setup for finesse with deadly results.

The well balanced shape also means this lure travels through the water on a level plane, rather than the above two lures which swim back-heavy.

Abu garcia zeppo


The Abu Garcia Zeppo is a compact spoon with a tapered bodied design. The rear of the spoon offers a wide body profile that creates a mesmerising flutter and wobble. The lure has a slight head up retrieve as the majority of the weight is at the rear end of the lure. The Zeppo works extremely well on a straight retrieve or by implementing spin-stop tactics.

Ideal for river or loch style lure fishing. We recommend the 8-gram model in the copper/silver pattern.


There are hundreds of Rapalas on the market, however, we just love using the 5cm Floating Brown Trout and we’d always have at least one in our tackle box. The 5cm versions are 3g in weight.

Fish this in a multitude of ways, either as a surface lure twitching away, or wound in slowly and consistently to swim shallow. These can also be fished as a weighted lure with  little split shot or even the heavier versions attached to a three-way swivel and a bouncing betty style weight, but this is more of a salmon tactic. Trolling these behind the boat with a down rigger setup is excellent too as the floating lure sits level with the ball weight.

If you are fishing small rivers, just stop retrieving and this lure will float to the top, unlike the heavy mepps above which will stall in the water if you stop retrieving and snag.


A lure that can consistently be fished at any depth between 1 and 13ft. Again, our favourite colour in this Rapala has to be the brown trout, but we have found the more popular size is the 7cm. Countdown is a great name: The principle of this sinking balsa wood constructed lure is to cast it out, count until the line slackens slightly meaning it has hit the bottom and retrieve it.

The next cast count until you reach a second less than before and you have a lure that will maintain its depth just above the bottom. So that’s great for fishing the bottom, but if you know the fish are sitting at a certain depth, i.e. if you are using a Deeper or a different fish finder, you can drop the lure to the desired depth and fish in that suspended depth for excellent results.



These 5cm articulated lures from Rapala are designed for excessive movement even with snail-like speed retrieves. For mid-depth and very shallow fishing, you should remove the under-belly hook and retrieve with the rod tip held high over muddy lake/loch beds and ramp up the speed when chased for a very impressive result. The internal cavity houses ball bearings which create plenty of vibration that sends any trout into a feeding frenzy. Choose the Brown Perch or Orange Shad colours for our stillwaters here in the UK.


Our pick for Trout is the floating 5cm Nils Master Invincible in colour code 92. This is the black and gold version pictured here.

This lure is ideal for casting or trolling from the boat, but it is all about that distinctive curve in the body that gets people and fish excited about the Nils Master Invincible lures. A floating lure that bobs up like the Rapala Original does, but the action through the water is quite different with a more oscillating style wobble. The larger sizes have claimed world record Pike which must mean there’s something about this lure that brings out the predator in fish.

salmo minnow


The Salmo Minnow is one of Salmos most iconic lures, it’s one of the oldest models in their range and has accounted for a lot of fish from all over the globe. We recommend the 5cm model in holo bleak for targeting trout. The very erratic body roll is very distinctive to the Salmo Minnow and provides the elusion of a quickly moving baitfish even on the slowest of retrieves. This Minnow is best worked with a steady retrieve.


Our preferred budget toby for trout fishing would have to be the Wever. Gold is great because the more expensive Abu Garcia versions do not come in Gold and the colour is ideal for trout fishing. We suggest the 7g, 10g, or 12g wever depending on the style of water you are fishing and at what depth.

Zebra toby


So why spend a little bit more on the Abu Garcia toby, when the Wever (mentioned above) seems just as good? The answer is history, this lure is probably historically responsible for catching more fish than any other lure, ever! “If it ain’t broke…”

The quality of these lures allows for a longer lifespan too than the Wever. Great workmanship and prestige is why you buy “Abu”.

Choose the “Z” for zebra and the most popular size is 10g but either side of that to suit your chosen trout fishery.


These lures have distinctive action that swings through the water like a wounded fish. Coming in over a hundred different variations these “Tazzys” have established a global loyalty amongst anglers.

Most popular colours are the trout colours like Brown (no.46) and Rainbow (No.45) and the Stinger (No.43) and Predator (No.13) but we think it is more the action than the colour that make these lures so attractive to the fish.

Here’s a hint, remove the included wire trace by pulling from the hook end. Keep the swivel and the hook and attach the swivel to the hook with a stainless steel split ring. If you lose the swivel or find just the body of a tassie in your lure box, shop for #12 barrel swivels, these are ideal. This ‘line-through’ setup will allow the lure to shoot up the line when playing a fish and you’ll have a great connection with a swivel right at the hook for improved line twist avoidance.

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