Coming into late Autumn and early Winter. A lot of trout anglers turn their attention to the “lady of the stream” aka the Grayling. This majestic looking species has gained popularity due to its elegant appearance but hard fighting attitude.

In this article, we will be choosing our top winter grayling flies that will hopefully help you land that specimen sized grayling. The flies listed below are ideal for all European nymphing tactics and have been hand selected by some of our most experienced anglers.

Black Perdigon

Black Perdigon

Tied on a size 16, these slimline and sleek designed flies, help you reach the river bottom quicker. Unlike hair/feather based nymphs that can be carried away in strong river currents, the Perdigon allows you to fish more effectively due to it’s weighted and sleek profile. The orange collar provides a visible target for Grayling to hone in on. While the subtle look can help fool the wariest of fish.


Pink Tag Jig

Pink Tag Jig

Grayling love the colour pink! Tied on a size 12 or 14, the Pink Tag Jig is one of the best Grayling patterns available. This fly is perfect to fish on the point of a French Leader set up, the pink tail gives thr perfect visual target, while the hackle provides a subtle and realistic movement in the river flow. A pattern to fish throughout the year.

Duracell Jig

Duracell Jig

Tied on a size 12 or 14, This tungsten pattern, with its purple body and CDC hackle provide a tantalising movement in any river flow. The tungsten bead helps you fish the fly more effectively in fast, deep flowing rivers. Tied barbless this classic Grayling fly is tied on a jig hook to minimise snagging.

Hotspot PTN jig TB

Hotspot PTN Jig

The Hotspot PTN Jig TB, with a tungsten bead is a heavy jig pattern designed to fish deep. Like all other jig flies, they are tied to eliminate snagging when fishing close to the bottom. The HotSpot PTN is ideal for any situation.

Pink rapid pheasant tail

Pink Rapid Pheasant Tail

The Pink Pheasant Tail Nymph is an ideal fly for big winter Grayling that will happily sit hugging the bottom. Sporting a pink collar, it provides the perfect visual attractor to tempt lethargic fish in the winter and throughout the year.

Orange Hare Lug

Orange Hares Lug

Tied on a size 12. A very effective fly. Perfect for nymphing, bugging, Czech and polish style fly fishing techniques. The Orange bead is said to mimic a trout/salmon egg, but it also acts as a striking focal point for Grayling.

Ben's bug

Ben’s Bug

Tied on a size 10, Ben’s bug has all the great attributes of a classic Grayling fly. Pink in colour provides the perfect visual trigger, the hackle provides additional movement and the bead provides the weight needed to get the fly down through the water column quickly.


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