Waders are probably one of the most versatile items of fishing clothing you will purchase. Helping you access areas of the water that you could not reach with standard fishing boots, helping you increase casting distance, land fish easier and even keep you dry in the roughest of weather conditions.


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So what type of waders do I choose?

With so many different types of waders and optional features that they offer, it can be confusing to decide which waders are best suited to your style of fishing. In this article we will cover everything you need to know about fishing waders that will help you decide, what waders are best for you.

Let’s start with wader types!

There are three wader types available:

Choosing Waders

Choose Waders That Suit Your Needs

Thigh/Hip Waders

Thigh waders also called hip waders are for use in waters below knee level. They come in two individual pieces, one for each leg. The legs have pull straps that attach to your belt, preventing them from falling down. They offer the following advantages:

  • • Light weight and easily stored
  • • Great for any situation which requires flexibility
  • • Easy to put on and take off

Waist Waders

Waist waders fall between chest and thigh waders. With a baggy trouser-like style they are designed for medium depth water (up to your lower thigh). They also include belt loops to secure them and can also be worn with straps.

  • • They offer more coverage than hip waders and are less restrictive than chest waders
  • • The torso has complete freedom for comfort and breathability in hotter climates

Waist waders

Waist Waders Provide The Perfect Balance Of Coverage And Mobility On The Bank

Chest Waders

By far the most versatile and popular variant of waders; chest waders offer the most coverage so you can wade into deeper water. They use suspenders to secure them in position and can be adjusted to accommodate base layer clothing for those colder conditions!

** Always wear a wading belt with chest waders to prevent any accidental flooding.**

  • • Ideal for fishing in deeper water
  • • Best wader for wading in rivers with stronger currents
  • • Offers the most protection against the weather elements

So now you know what types of waders there are, let’s look at what style of waders are available.

Boot-foot Waders

Easily distinguishable by the welded seamed fixed boot, they offer ease of getting on and off. Ideal for anyone who frequently changes in and out of their waders to go between beats on the river or someone who is jumping in and out of a boat often.

Stocking-foot Waders

These waders have a neoprene sock attached, which makes them watertight, though a wading boot is required to put on over them. Combining the stocking foot waders and wading boots, it’s easy to customise the setup to your liking to help maximise comfort and ankle support. This helps with those long sessions on the river or loch and travelling longer distances both in the water and on across land.

Breathable and Non Breathable Waders

Breathable vs Non-Breathable

Wader Materials


Whilst less suited to warmer climates, non-breathable waders offer a few benefits. Made up of two different materials:

  • Neoprene: Probably one of the most commonly used wader materials; neoprene offers excellent insulation properties and performs great in colder conditions due to its stretching properties that can provide the wearer with a snug fit. Neoprene waders come in a various thicknesses, providing different degrees of warmth.
  • PVC:100% waterproof, highly durable and hard wearing; it is also one of the less expensive types of waders available. PVC waders also offer better mobility for the wearer and due to this it makes it a popular choice during the warmer months.


Breathable waders are lighter than neoprene, and are self-heat regulating. This makes them ideal for warmer climates, as well as using for multiple season use (by adding layers). Breathable waders are more comfortable to walk in due to the additional sole support provided by the wading boot. Breathable waders also come with additional features including:

Breathable Wader Features:

Wader Features

Breathable Waders Come With Convenient Features To Make Your Time On The Bank More Efficient

  • Hand warmer pocket/s help to keep your hands warm
  • Waterproof zips help to keep pockets dry
  • Reinforced areas increase durability
  • Wader belts to maximise comfort and to stop unexpected flooding
  • Gravel guards sit around the cuffs of the stocking foot to prevent foreign objects entering wading boots
  • Watertight storage pockets give you a dry place to store valuable items
  • Cord locks help pull any excess material tight, providing a more snug fit
Gravel Guard

Gravel Guards Slip Over Wading Boots To Provide Comfort And Protection

The Fit

When fishing in waders, being comfortable and dry is very important; the last thing you want is to ruin that experience due to a poor fitting. That is why it is paramount to get the right fitting first time. Here at Angling Active we have all our manufacturer sizes displayed on our site.

Wader belt

Come In-Store To Ensure You Find The Perfect Fit

We also provide an in-store service that will go the extra mile to ensure we find the perfect fit for you.

To learn more about wader care, check out our wader aftercare post.