Catch Report:

Pike was caught on a home tied sparkler tinsel fly, jointed ( 2 hooks in tandem) using the Airflo Bluetooth 10/11 rod I bought at Angling Active last year. Line was the 40+ sniper which came with it in slow intermediate. Pretty solid take in about 8′ of water and about 10′ off the shore. I had to beach the boat to get her weighed and photographed. I have a film of the fishes’ return…she swam straight into the net, doh!


Keith with a Fabulous Fly caught Pike

There is more to this pike fly fishing than meets the eye. Hours fished to big fish ratio is lower (for me). Think it may be to do with being able to fish the fly slower and unweighted flys have a good “hang” time.
This was a fly caught PB for me by 6 pounds, the fight was very stong but the rod handled it very well. Couple of years ago I broke a Ron Thomson rod playing out a low 20 which I then had to hand line to the boat! Luckily, I avoided this on this occasion.

Cheers, Keith. (Angling Active friend and customer).