An account from Tom Buchanan the winner of the FishPal Malloch Trophy about his winning fish, but also a delight in music and infectious enthusiasm.


The FishPal Malloch Trophy

The winner of the FishPal Malloch Trophy for the 2015 season was Tom Buchanan from Glasgow with his 35lb spring salmon caught on a monkey in the Rock Pool on the South Chesthill Estate, River Lyon, a tributary of the River Tay. It was presented by Dr Aileen McLeod, Minister for Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform.


Tom and Anne Woodcock of FishPal holding Mackenzie DTX and Caledonia Fly Company prizes.

Congratulations to Tom on such an epic catch and better still in knowing it went back to the river to complete its task. Having met Tom today, you could not meet a nicer chap, with songs, stories, a smile, and infectious enthusiasm. He said with a glint in his eye “My favourite part of all this, was the memory of watching that fish swim away, I just love seeing them go back.”


Malloch Trophy Winner 2015. Tom Buchanan, 35lb, South Chesthill Estate, River Lyon

The Malloch Challenge Trophy was named after the Perth-based manufacturer and retailer of fishing tackle P.D. Malloch. The trophy was first awarded over 40 years ago to Lady Burnett and with a very different set of rules being for the biggest fish caught and killed. In 1999 the trophy was locked away and forgotten for a decade until the Tay Foundation acquired it and reinstated it with sponsorship from Saville’s. The trophy is today known as a conservation icon promoting catch & release. In 2014 FishPal became the main sponsors of the trophy. It is awarded annually to the captor of the best salmon caught and released in Scotland on a fly. Although the biggest fish applicant is a key factor in the decision of the winner, it is not necessarily the deciding factor: how the fish is handled and released, the condition of the fish and probably a few other factors are all considered. The official presentation of the trophy takes place on the river that the winning angler caught his or her fish. This was started by FishPal and, going by this year’s successful opening and presentation to Tom Buchanan, it turns out to be an excellent concept, exposing the trophy and winners further and celebrating its cause on one of the biggest angling events of the year.


Tom Buchanan wrote a song to salmon in the 70’s.

As if in preparation for this day, 40 years ago Tom wrote a song dedicated to his pursuit of Salmon and remarkably the release of it too, there are not many catch and release stories as old as 40 years. He sang it on the riverbank and everyone was just captivated by it. Watch the video at the header of this post.


Tom’s family all shared in the day.

For results on the Junior Malloch Award please see FishPal’s website.

Regarded as the most recognised angling award in Salmon fishing we hope you get a chance at it this season. Tight lines to everyone for the 2016 season.

Make sure you take a few photo’s… Here’s the brief straight from FishPal:


Trophy rules

In brief, the fish must be:

• Bona fide wild Atlantic Salmon

• Caught on the fly and returned safely to the water.

• Properly weighed and/or measured.

• Independently witnessed.

• Reported on time by valid entry form