There are times when the sensitivity of a float is desirable, but slight undertow or adverse weather conditions can make holding position impossible with a normally shotted float. This is the ideal situation to deploy a float leger. In this article, we will show you how to tie a float ledger rig for targeting tench.

Float leger rig

A good tactic is to find the bottom of the marginal shelf – where the bottom levels out – and then set the float slightly over depth. Now, when you tighten up the line, the float will slowly sink down to the correct position and the line will be tight from rod to the leger weight. If you find yourself fishing a lake this year with the wind blowing straight towards you, or from side-to-side, and holding position is proving impossible, then try out this very effective, but surprisingly underused rig to give you the correct bait presentation to encourage bites.



1. Slide a float adapter onto the mainline with two float stops. The float adapter allows you to trap the waggler float easily and allows for a quick change in float to suit your fishing conditions.

2. Use a small stainless ring, a piece of monofilament and two pieces of shot to create a free-running leger rig on the mainline for sensitive bite indication

3. Trap the float in the float adapter. The float stops can be used to vary the depth.

4. Tie a size 12 hook to 10 inches of 5lb hooklength line. Use either a grinner or through-the-eye whipping knot

tie hook onto hooklength

If you require any more tips or information on float fishing, please contact the Angling Active team. We are more than happy to help.

Recommended float rods

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