As the temperatures begin to rise this clever set-up will enable you to change the depth of your hookbait and search the water column for carp.

Carp can spend much of their time up in the water column, especially in spring when the surface layers are warmed by the strengthening sun. You could fish the margins or on top of gravel bars to present a bottom bait at the same depth as the carp, but in deeper venues, a zig rig that presents a buoyant bait in mid-water can be much better. While this tactic is most often used on prolific venues, it has also accounted for some very large carp in recent years.

Zig rig



1. Tie a size 10 hook/Zig rig bug to your desired length of 10lb copolymer line using a simple ten-turn knotless knot

Tie zig bug or size 10 car hook

2. Thread on the extended tail rubber to the opposite end of the fluorocarbon hooklength.

Thread on extended rig sleeve

3. Tie a rig swivel to the other end of the hooklength using a twice-through-the-eye, four-turn grinner knot

Tie on a rig swivel

4. Slide the tail rubber over the rig swivel, this will prevent the rig tangling during the cast.

Slide rig sleeve over rig swivel

5. Thread the line clip onto the mainline and tie it to the other end of the rig swivel. Then slide the rig swivel into the lead clip.

Thread line clip on and tie rig swivel to mainline

6. Attach the lead to the lead clip, then slide the tail rubber to secure lead clip.

Attach lead to lead clip

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