John Bell - The Lomond Angler

John Bell – The Lomond Angler

The Lomond Angler

John Bell and his boat can regularly be seen heading out of the Balmaha Marina on Loch Lomond with all sorts of clients from activity seeking tourists, to budding fishers, to world travelled experienced anglers.

Loch Lomond is the largest still water in the UK and to fish amongst its thirty-odd islands is something that takes skill and experience. This experience and attention to your safety results in a great fun day learning all about the fishing and the Loch surroundings.

Bonny bonny Loch Lomond

“Bonny Bonny” Loch Lomond

There are two main types of fishing John will introduce you to depending on the conditions and time of year between February and October.

1. Drifts

Fly fishing and traditional loch dapping are what John guides when on the drift. Brown Trout and Sea Trout are the target on the fly, and a particular favourite is fishing with large ‘Daddy long leg’ patterns on the dapping set up where the angler dances the fly in the breeze just touching the surface occasionally for amazing surface takes by often huge Loch Lomond specimen fish.

A perfect Loch Lomond Trout on the fly

A perfect Loch Lomond Trout on the fly

2. Trolling

Atlantic Salmon are your target when John takes you trolling on “The Loch”. Salmon over 20lb are caught every year on Loch Lomond, but any size of Salmon is an amazing catch.  Trolling is done with lures from the back of the boat where John covers his favourite fishing locations at differing depths and speeds.

Chrome Spring Salmon on Loch Lomond

Chrome Spring Salmon on Loch Lomond

John makes all the arrangements for you and you simply turn up and go fishing. He will provide the boat, permits, rods, tackle and life jackets. All you need to bring is warm and waterproof clothing.