400 MILLION METRES – The amount of line discarded per annum if 2 million UK anglers only re-spools 2 reels with 200m of monofilament line once a year. That’s enough to get to the Moon!

600 YEARS – The amount of time it takes for heavy monofilament to degrade in a landfill.

The AA team have become a proud sponsor of the ANLRS (Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme) As anglers we love the surrounding environments that we fish in, we also treasure the wildlife that inhabits it too. Currently, landfill or incineration are the only options that we have for the disposal of old fishing line, and with landfills becoming larger and larger, inland waters and our seas are in danger of further pollution. Nylon monofilament is a valuable commodity in the recycling world and can be reused to manufacture other products. So to do our part, Angling Active believe with the help of our responsible customers that we can help make our environment that little bit better.

So tell me more…

The ANLRS is a voluntary lead organisation that recycle braided mainlines and Nylon monofilament lines. They are currently looking for recycling options for other types of fishing lines and we will update you when they do!

So what do they do with the recycled line?

Good question! Once the line is returned to the ANLRS, the line is sent off to a recycling plant where it is processed into a form that can then be used to manufacture various products such as traffic cones, sunglasses, skateboards, wetsuits and even swimwear. However, the ANLRS are looking to eventually get the recycled material to be made available for the angling industry to manufacture angling-related items.

So what do you have to do?

Simples! You can bring your reels instore and we will strip the old line off and put it in our recycling bins, ready to be shipped away to the ANLRS. Or just bring in your old line when your passing and we will do the rest!