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Argyll’s 27 mile long Loch Awe is renowned for its scenic beauty, large Ferox Trout and large Pike.


Target Season
Salmon & Seatrout No fishing
Trout 15th March – 6th October
Coarse 15th March – 6th October
Pike No Close Season for Pike


Adult 60+ or disabled 16 or under*
Season £80.00 £60.00 £60.00
Day Permit £8.00 £5.00 £5.00
3 Day Permit £18.00 £12.00 £12.00
Weekly Permit £28.00 £20.00 £20.00
Penalty (1 day) £20.00 na na


**Penalty tickets are provided by LAIA wardens when fishing has commenced prior to ticket purchase.


Fishing Exclusion Zones: A pamphlet indicating exclusion zones is provided with the permit.

Catch Return Information: A nil result is a valid return. All returns will be entered automatically into a FREE PRIZE DRAW when returned to a local marked collection point (yellow box) LAIA warden or permit outlet.

Loch Awe Boat Hire  – Hill House, Ardbrecknish 01866833256 / 07703112422


The named permit holder has the permission to fish (other than for Salmon or Sea trout) in Loch Awe, the River Avich and Loch Avich subject to published exclusion zones and in terms of the Protection Order and the Bye-Laws of the Association. The permit, all tackle and fish killed shall be exhibited on demand to a warden, and honey warden, proprietor, or a fellow angler exhibiting their membership card or permit.


1. Observe all marked Exclusion Zones.  2.No tree felling, no fires, no litter.  3. Avoid excess noise or disturbance to wildlife, nesting birds, live/growing stock or other loch users.  4. No camping without landowners permission.  5.Always keep dogs under strict control.  6. Always close gates and observe the country code.

Trout Fishing Ticket Conditions.

Trout Season 15th March to 6th October.

1. Minimum takeable size: Loch Awe – All brown trout under 9.8inches and over 14.17 inches shall be returned alive and unharmed to the water / Loch Avich – All brown trout under 9 inches shall be returned alive and unharmed to the water. This is because new research indicates that once a brown trout reaches over 14 inches, statistically it is more than likely to be a young Ferox.   2. The bag limit is 4 Brown Trout to be kept per day per angler, only one of which may be 3lb or over. There is no bag limit for Rainbow Trout.  3. All legal bait, lures and flies allowed with a line of 4lb minimum breaking strain and 15lb’s for Ferox. No set lines and no ground baiting.  4. NO LIVE FISH OR OTHER VERTEBRATES TO BE USED AS BAIT and bait rigs restricted to two baited hooks.  5. Fish one rod only except when trolling from a boat.  6. Salmon and Pike must be returned to the loch unharmed.  7. A separate day permit is required for all coarse and pike fishing.  8. Keep nets are not permitted and landing nets must be knotless.

Coarse and Pike Fishing Ticket Conditions

Coarse Season: 15th March to 6th October, No close season for Pike.

1. No more than 3 rods may be employed at any time from boat or bank with the butt of both the outside rods being spaced no more than 3 meters apart and never left unattended.  2. All pike rigs and tackle must employ a wire trace of 30lb and main line of 20lbs minimum breaking strain. All lures other than specialised pike must be of a 5″ minimum length.  3. Purpose designed rod rests and run indicators must be employed when dead bait fishing from bank or static boat. All nets must be knotless and pike gags are not permitted. Forceps and or long nose pliers, and an unhooking mat should be used when unhooking pike.  4. The use of maggots, worms, grubs, sweetcorn, bread or any other coarse fishing bait likely to catch trout  is permitted only during the trout fishing season. NO LIVE FISH OR OTHER VERTEBRATES TO BE USED AS BAIT.   5. All Pike, Trout and Salmon caught be the holder of this permit must be returned immediately to the loch unharmed.   6. Pike only may be fished for outwit the trout season and trolling is not permitted.  7. A separate day permit is required for all trout.  8. Coarse and pike fishing permits NOT valid in Loch Avich.


“A Touch of Awe” –

Loch Awe Improvement Association (L.A.I.A.) –

Loch Awe Improvement Association – Secretary – Janet Lightbrown

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