From the start of the 2020 season, Angling Active are offering fishing permits for Loch Lomond and the River Leven – In Store Only.

Ticket Type Season Cost
River Leven (non local) Season Permit 11/2 – 31/10 £130
River Leven Juniour Season Permit 11/2 – 31/10 £20
River Leven Weekly Permit 11/2 – 31/10 £70
River Leven & Loch Lomond Day Permit 11/2 – 31/10 £25
River Leven & Loch Lomond Junior Day Permit 11/2 – 31/10 £4
Course Season Permit 1/1 – 31/12 £50
Course Day Permit 1/1 – 31/12 £7

If you’re looking to purchase a game fishing season ticket you will have to purchase this through the LLAIA’s website. Please click the following link for further information.


LLAIA Fly Fishing Day 2017


We are frequently being asked in particular about the Coarse Permits. Please see below copy of the details from the reverse of the Coarse permit:



The angler has permission to fish throughout the whole of Loch Lomond with the exception of Rossdhu Bay or Camstadden Bay (the home of Sir Malcolm

Colquhoun). Please show respect and do not fish in that area.


No fishing from Rossdhu Bay or Camstadden Bay. Fishing permitted from the whole of the Endrick Bank area down to Balloch. From Balmaha Pier northwards excluding Rowerdennan hotel area and excluding Pitarmigan lodge area. On the West Side excluding Lomond Shores area, Duck Bay Marina area and Ardlui Hotel. Bank fishing from the islands is allowed with the following exceptions: Inchmurrin, Inchfad, The Hen Isle, Aber Isle.

THIS PERMIT SHALL BE SHOWN TO A WATER BAILIFF OR A FELLOW ANGLER AT ANY TIME. Please co-operate with your fellow anglers and display a good sporting outlook. Anyone asking you to display your permit must if asked display their permit (game or course) and water bailiffs their warrant card.


In addition to L.L.A.I.A rules and regulations please obtain and read the Park Authority rules and regulations. Ignorance is not an excuse.


The LLAIA suggests that all visiting anglers follow the link below to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and hope that all anglers will enjoy what Loch Lomond has to offer it’s visiting Coarse Angler. By adhering to the Access Code Riparian and other Land Owners will always welcome back a well behaved and responsible angler to the shores of the Loch.


Until notified or changes to the current legislation there is no closed season for coarse fish.

Coarse season tickets commence 1st of January 2020 until the 31st of December 2020

The minimum requirements to fish for Pike and any other Coarse fish are as follows

  1. No more than four rods may be employed at any time from bank or boat. No rods are to be left unattended and no more than 3 meters (10 feet) apart when in use.
  2. If using more than one rod then ALL RODS from the bank must be fitted with bite alarms, or drop off indicators and mounted on properly designed bank sticks. Floats and adequately designed boat rod rests are to be used when fishing from a boat.
  3. A minimum of 15lbs breaking strain line must be used at all times. Fish Mats, adequate sized weigh slings, 10-12inch
    disgorgers, a strong set of hook cutters and a set of long nose pliers must be carried at all times when pike fishing.
  4. All pike end rigs must employ a wire trace with a minimum of at least 15 inches in length and of 20lbs breaking strain and must be used at all times
  5. Sensible sized lures for the time of the year are to be used at all times. A wire trace of a minimum breaking strength of at least 20lbs and 12 to 15 inches in length and must be used at all times.
  6. .The use of barbless or semi barbless hooks is preferred at all times on baits and lures for ease of removal from the fish.
  7. No trolling at any time.
  8. The transportation and the use of live fish is illegal in Scotland and anyone caught using live bait will face prosecution.
  9. No pike gags, tailers or gaffs or any other method that forces the pike mouths open or any method liable to damage the pike when removing hooks to be used. Knotless landing nets are preferred as opposed to knotted nets.
  10. Whilst the use of maggots, worms, grubs or any form of ground bait is allowed, we ask the following: Please refrain from this method during the months of November/December.
  11. ALL COARSE FISH MUST BE RETURNED UNHARMED to the Loch immediately after photgraphing, if required and capture.
  12. A SEPARATE PERMIT IS REQUIRED FOR SALMON AND SEA TROUT. Any game fish, by definition Salmon, Sea or Brown Trout, if caught by the holder of a coarse permit are to be returned immediately and unharmed to the Loch.
  13. Life Jackets or floatation suites must be worn at all times when afloat and must be of an adequate size to support the angler and his fishing clothing for the time of year. (Buoyancy aids are not recommended as they do not sustain life). Life jackets must be of at least 150-275N whilst fishing on the Loch.
  14. No litter to be left and no fires to be lit at any time as in accordance with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.
  15. No Coarse fishing in the river Leven
  16. For Coarse fish other than Pike, 5lb maximum breaking strain and appropriate tackle to be used.

We hope you have a great time fishing Loch Lomond.

Tight Lines.