Permits are now available at Angling Active for the 2020 season. Day boats unavailable until further notice.

Angler  Day Pre Booked Day Bank Season
Adult  £10 £15 £50
Child under 16yrs  £7 £10 £35
OAP  £7 £10 £35

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Permits are non-transferable and must be shown on demand.

Trout Season runs from 15th March to 6th October.

No live baiting for pike.

All trout fishing rods must be held in the hand at all times. No multiple rod fishing for trout as a result.

Barbless hooks to be used at all times for all species.

Pike bait to be bought from recognised supplier and must not be from fish caught in other waters. Bait must have been frozen prior to use.

All nets must have been dried for 48hours prior to use, or frozen for 12 hours prior to use.

No fish under 30cm (12 inches) in length may be killed. No pike over 4.5kg (10lb) or 85cm (34 inches) may be killed.

Do not leave litter.

Camp stoves are to be used where possible. If not possible, fires are to be kept to a minimum size and under control at all times.

Any antisocial behaviour, littering or vandalism will be reported to the police.

Adhere to Scottish Outdoor Access Code at all times. – Act Responsibly.

All catches must be reported either by phone, email, mail or in person to the bailiff at the end of the session. Even blank returns are required. Failure to do so will result in a future ban from the water.

Contact details for the bailiff on the permit.

Call the Venachar Bailiff for further details: 07597337787