There’s a certain elegance to ‘Adventure Fishing’ that excites anglers the World over. Expectations can only be met by taking the plunge for yourself and Scottish Salmon fishing is one of the most desirable angling adventures on the globe.

There are so many variables in getting your adventure right, so hiring an outfitter/sporting agent is always recommended. In this day and age, these itinerary providing services cost nothing extra to you ‘their client’ due to their relationships with the services they book for you and usually commission is their motivation which is win/win for them and you. If you are to book a trip for yourself and think you have done your research, it would be an awful shame if when you arrive you or your family are disappointed. With an agent you benefit from having a personal contact that knows his/her portfolio of providers inside-out, they are on the ground, and poised to help. Once you reach your destination, local knowledge, intuition and a ghillie’s experience proves essential but even more so is your willingness to trust your itinerary provider. Remember their ultimate goal is for you to enjoy yourself because they want your repeat business and otherwise unobtainable ‘word of mouth’ networking that you will take away with you.

The embodiment of quality, professional and sophisticated salmon fishing adventures comes in the form of many outfitters across the globe, but our focus in this article is the newly expanded ‘Scottish Salmon Fishing Surgery’ (‘SSFS’ for short) and the people behind the service Sam and Sandy Datta.
What started as an online magazine grew into putting words into action and thus itineraries began to grow for those discerning travellers from around the world evolving a team or guides and bespoke planning services. The magazine is still a wealth of current knowledge but what could be better than planning a fishing trip off the back of beautiful articles?

Due to this organic growth the ‘Surgery’ needed more and more tackle/equipment and Angling Active were soon invited to become their official tackle suppliers. We thought the relationship made sense, if we support them, they would reciprocate. Well we are almost finding it hard to keep up with their relentless support and incredible reputation within the salmon adventure industry. Donating days of fishing for multiple anglers on prestigious beats on the River Tay for our charity fundraisers and backing every move we make in national events such as the very lively and excellently run FlyFest and Scottish Fly Fairs. They bring their clients into our store too where we can offer ‘try before you buy’ services on the equipment required for an outing. We are not just about the sale, we offer technical advice and money saving options too, and we’ll greet you and quite probably hold the door for you.

In thanks to the SSFS support of 2016, we put together a glimpse of what Sam and Sandy are capable of in the way of this little video from opening day on the River Tay on the 16th January 2017. It’s not just about the fishing, but bringing strangers together and making them leave as friends; drawing-in budding personalities of fishing and familiarising them with the humble angler; introducing people to beautiful locations with nothing but the best of food and hospitality; and creating a relaxed and non-stuffy atmosphere to simply enjoy and remember. Watch all of these things take place here:



The name ‘Scottish Salmon Fishing Surgery’ only makes sense when you understand that the Datta’s are doctors by profession. Driven by a passion for hospitality and salmon fishing they make their already busy days looking after the likes of me and you even busier by (not literally) prescribing fishing adventures to domestic and international tourists. Expanding further on the success of the ‘SSFS’, two new projects have just been launched which we are particularly keen to tell you about.

Firstly, is the launch of their new ‘Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland’ website which, by the title alone, to the online browser makes more sense than the Scottish Salmon Fishing Surgery Magazine did to those searching for an itinerary provider. Once on the website though, you are immediately immersed into the style and calibre of holidays available and that level of calibre and professionalism will be maintained through the organising process to the holiday itself.

River Dee, Spey, Tay and Tweed on four consecutive days!

The other project, which is a personal favourite and must have item on the bucket list of any salmon angler is the ‘Big 4 in 4 challenge’

“SSFS have developed the Ultimate Scottish Salmon Fishing Challenge, which rivals the famous “Macnab” in every way. The SSFS “Big 4 in 4”, gives you the unique opportunity to fish on each of Scotland’s world famous “big four” salmon rivers, the River Dee, Spey, Tay and Tweed on four consecutive days. To successfully complete the “Big 4 in 4” challenge you must catch a salmon from each river.”

Wow! What an achievement this would be. For further details on this exceptional experience click here.