With the constant influx of new pike fishing lures, it can be hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. In this article, we will be giving you an insight into the hottest pike lures of 2020 and what has made them so successful.

Number 1


Pig shad

The Pig Shad is a soft-plastic shad that is inspired by the classic jerkbait – The Pig. This bait really has taken the UK pike lure scene by storm. After being heavily promoted by various Scandinavian fishing media channels. The success rate of this lure, speaks for itself.

The Pig Shad has a very seductive rolling action while the head of the lure rocks from side to side. This action is very unique to this lure and can be worked efficiently even at the slowest of retrieve speeds. A perfect imitation of an injured baitfish that slowly trudges forward in its death throes, the Pig Shad can be identified by its unique profile that resembles a fat baitfish. It can be rigged in many different ways, allowing you to present the bait in shallow or deeper water.

The 20cm 50gram model is our go-to choice.

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Number 2


rapala x-rap peto

With Rapala being one of the most recognisable lure brands in the world, they had to up their game if they wanted to follow in the footsteps of their iconic Super Shad Rap! Guess what? They certainly did that!

The X Rap Peto is a stunning hybrid lure that offers the durability of a hard bait and the suppleness and action of a soft plastic bait.  With its slow sink rate and perfectly horizontal fall, the Peto is the ideal choice for challenging conditions. The tail kicks with a wide action when retrieved and can be worked at the slowest of retrieval speeds. The X-Rap Peto was the lure that seen Team Rapala win PikeFight, on one of Sweden’s biggest pike competitions, and since then has accrued a list of very big pike captures. A must-have for any serious lure angler.

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Number 3


strike pro buster jerk

A truly classic bait that always makes a comeback appearance year after year. This ABS moulded plastic jerkbait, has all the attributes of a great pike lure. At the end of each jerk/twitch the lure produces a mesmerising body roll which looks like a distressed fish. It darts left to right in a very unpredictable manner and to top it all off, it sports an internal rattle that acts as an extra trigger mechanism. The Buster Jerk is a classic jerkbait that should be part of any lure anglers armoury.

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Number 4


The Shad Teez has become a modern-day classic in the last few years. The thin body and wide belly profile provides you with a lure that is light enough to cast all day while maintaining a large underwater profile thanks to its tantalising body roll and deep belly profile that kicks into action soon as the oversized paddle tail starts moving. The Shad Teez can be worked shallow by integrating a shallow screw and stinger set up or alternatively can be fished deeper with a corkscrew jighead setup.

We highly recommend the 18cm version.

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Number 5



Designed by Claes Claesson of Svartzonker and readily seen on the Youtube series Pikefight, the Abu Garcia Svartzonker McPike is a soft plastic lure with a segmented body. The segmented body helps produce an erratic tail action which moves a lot of water during the retrieve. The lure has a quick and tight body roll and can be retrieved at speed without the lure keeling over. The McPike can be rigged with either a shallow screw setup or with a weighted corkscrew or jighead configuration.

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Number 6


Westin Swim

The Westin Swim, is the easiest to work glide bait on the market! Just simply cast the Westin Swim out and a straight retrieve will have the Swim glide effortlessly from left to right in a lazy fashion. However, if you impart the action from the rod, you can make the Westin Swim glide quickly and sharply. The Westin Swim has a unique deep body profile that provides you with something different in your glide bait artillery.

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Number 7


Strike Pro Jonny Vobbler

The Jonny Vobbler is a crankbait designed by legendary lure builder Jonny Thofeldt. The bite-sized crankbait is the ideal lure for working over shallow structure. Its unique body rolling swimming action provides it with an erratic swimming action. The Jonny Vobbler is best worked with a straight retrieve.

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Number 8


westin monstervibe spinnerbait

The Westin Monstervibe Willow is a super effective lure with a weedless design which makes it easy to fish in heavy cover.

Sometimes it takes a monster to catch a monster and this is exactly what this lure has been designed for! There has also been a RingTeez CT attached onto the trailer hook, giving it the benefits of several lure styles all in one.

With a simple cast and retrieve you will create chaos under the water and will have predator species fighting over who gets it first! Featured on this lure are superior silicone skirts and Japanese Style X-strong carbon steel hooks which will provide anglers with increased hooking capabilities.

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