Al Peake one-to-one tutelage.

Al Peake offering one-to-one tutelage on the River Dee.

The River Dee and the surrounds (Aberdeenshire) are in the fortunate position to have instructors, guides, custodians and ambassadors of the river, and the sport in general, all encompassed in twin brothers Will and Al Peake.

The Fly Fishing School they formed together out of a passion for their sport is based near Aboyne on an exclusive double bank beat on the River Dee. This water is ideal for new and seasoned anglers to learn techniques in real fishing surroundings.

Groups or individuals are invited to get in touch with the twins to arrange a course tailored to them specifically.

Explaining the difference in fly lines.

Will Peake explaining the difference in fly lines.

If you are reading this article, then it is likely you are looking for fly casting lessons, but to what level of experience? The twins offer three styles of fly casting packages that lend a comfortable environment to learn and help you to not feel out of place.

1. Introduction into Fly Fishing – For those beginners keen to try the sport.

2. Improver Fly Fishing Lessons – For those with some experience but need some direction.

3. Advanced Fly Fishing Lessons – For experienced casters and/or anglers looking to refine technique and hone their passion.

Where will you fish next?

Where will you fish next?

Peake Adventure Fishing Preparation

Taking tutelage a step further, the other reason you may be reading this article is that you have taken the plunge and have booked a fishing trip overseas. Al and Will have fished around the globe in some very special, far flung, and often prestigious waters for many freshwater species. So for the closest thing to a dress rehearsal of the fishing adventure you are about to embark on, Angling Active suggests you meet up with the Peake twins for hands on experience. The correct equipment, best techniques and experience driven “know how” and peace of mind that you are prepared for your adventure will be provided. The added benefit to booking time with the Peake lads, is that you are stretching out your enjoyment of this upcoming adventure by using these guys as a stepping stone to maximise on your trip.

Al and Will Peake with a shot of a lifetime

Al and Will Peake – shot of a lifetime. Chilean Patagonia

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